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VTP Custom Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp 

  Newly re-designed phono stage preamp. 
Same great basic circuit, but with a few new upgrades. 

  Now strictly a two box design with external power supply. The power supply is designed so it can be tucked away as it is remotely turned on by the main unit.
  Also a new discrete high voltage regulator is now used for an even lower noise floor.
  Slightly larger main circuit board has better air flow for improved reliability.
And finally, Mundorf output capacitors are standard.
  As a result of these changes, bass is tighter, overall noise level is lower with a blacker background.

All vacuum tube design phono preamp, that won't break the bank.
  Unlike the more expensive competition, this preamp uses passive equalization and premium parts for the best in LP reproduction. No feedback EQ.

 - Front panel input selection
 - Specially made SUT transformers for MC
 - MC input impedance set at time of ordering - 100 ohms standard (easily changed later)
 - Premium parts used throughout
 - 2 x 12AX7A and 2 x 12AT7A tubes used
 - Gain - MM - 42dB, MC - 62dB

tube phono preamp 1

Custom options include -
 - choice of input configuration. MM/MC or MC/MC or MM/MM
 - single input also available (MC or MM)
 - Available in black or brushed aluminium front panels
 - Choice of output capacitor (Mundorf EVO standard)

For picing information  visit:

DTS Audio Electronics - VTP

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