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Phono DE Custom Discrete Phono Preamp

  All discrete solid state phono preamp. 
This phono preamp is built on our discrete opamp circuitry. No IC's, just low noise transistors. Direct coupled for solid tight bass.
  Utilizing our passive eq to give smooth response over the entire spectrum. 
High overload capability keeps transients from causing distortion and ruining the experience.

  New for the v2, change from MM to MC at the flip of a switch. Relays change the gain and loading of the gain modules without adding extra wiring.
  All new JFET front end for quieter operation, more accurate loading of the cartridge
  The modular construction allows for easy upgrades when available. It also affords high separation between channels

 MM Gain - 45dB
 MC Gain - 65dB
 MM Load - 47k
 MC Load 100 ohms standard - can be changed easily
 RIAA Accuracy - less than +/-0.1%
 Black powder coated front panel available upon request

Now available with a choice of input configurations.

  - Standard single input with front panel MM/MC switch for those with one table, but more than one cartridge

  - Dual input. Two sets of RCA jacks for use with two tables (or two arms). 
    Configurable for:
           MM/MM - leaves gain and load set for two MM cartridges
           MC/MM - allows one setup for moving coil and one for moving magnet
           MC/MC - leaves gain set for two MC cartridges (different loads possible) 

For pricing and avalable options visit:
DTS Audio/Phono DE

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