Blackdog HiFi

Custom Linestage Preamps, Headphone Amps, and Phono Stages

Custom Design and Build

Blackdog HiFi also designs and builds custom pieces for special pplications or needs.

  More than just throwing together a bunch of parts to give you something that either doesn't work, or doesn't perform. All custom work is carefully designed and built to suit your needs and wants. Then thoroughly tested for perfromance.
Some of the custom items are actually standard pieces that have been modified to suit the listeners needs, others are an original one of a kind piece.

Below are some examples of the things we can do for you.

Single input, high current, low output impedance preamp

This solid state, FET input preamp was designed to drive an amplifier with a very low input impedance (5000 ohms). Output impedance of this preamp is about 1 ohm. 
The owner has only one source. Vinyl.
He is in fact using the orignal protpype of the VTP tube phono preamp.

Gain of 6dB, extremely quiet, and distortion less than .01% at its full 10V output.

Some of the other custom built products we have designed are:

Fully balanced rumble filter
EL34 based single ended amplifier
Mute delay timer to prevent tube preamp from popping
Various regulated power supplies