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Blackdog Custom Balanced Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp 

Special one of a kind preamp. Fully differential balanced circuit front to back. There's nothing else like it.

- All tube MC phono preamp with SUT MC stage 
- MC gain 60dB without transformers 
- MC gain 72dB with Lundahl transformers (transformers sold separately) 
- Input impedance - Select at time of order 
- Passive eq 
- Zero feedback design 
- Fully balanced topology 
- Separate solid state regulated power supply 

Up to 70dB gain (gain set at time of build)
Extremely quiet
RIAA accurate to +/- 0.2dB
Can be built with or without input transformers
Input impedance stock - 100 ohms (can be changed at time of build)

Coming soon

Input transformerless hybrid version
Same basic circuit as above except:
- JFET/vacuum tube input for high gain without transformers
- Selectable gain
- Selectable loading

balanced tube phono balanced tube phono tube phono

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