Blackdog HiFi
Custom Linestage Preamps, Headphone Amps, and Phono Preamps

  At Blackdog HiFi we manufacture a line of bespoke vacuum tube and solid state linestages, phono preamps, and headphone amps with the goal of making your listening experience the best it can possibly be.
    Although we offer a set group of products, there are a number of options available to tailor each piece to your needs. We consider each piece a custom build to give you the best possible product.
Options such as remote control volume, specific types of parts (your favourite capacitor for example) can be added at the time of ordering to make a product that you, the customer, can own and enjoy for many years.
Customized just for you!

  Each piece is handcrafted to meet your needs. All our designs have been carefully tested for years of reliable operation, and enjoyable sound quality.


We design with one simple goal - Maximum sound quality to fit the customers needs and budget.
  To that end we have some basic rules that all our designs incorporate.

 - Regulated power supplies - all our powers supplies are regulated for stable reliable operation.
Incorporating oversized capacitors throughout, and in our tube designs, custom discrete regulators.
 - NO wallwarts. In an effort to cut costs many manufacturers are supplying cheap wall wart power supplies. These insignificant devices supply dirty power, are unreliable, and can't supply the necessary current on demand like a true regulated power supply. Cost is the only reason to use them.
 - Custom power transformers. Many of our designs use custom wound (in Canada) toroidal power transformers. This allows us to optimize the supply for the circuit, and to ensure reliable operation. Even our budget items use toroids. Even though they may not be custom, they are oversized and the best available.
 - Properly designed and custom made circuit boards.
We won't get into the hard wire vs circuit board debate except to say that a properly designed board with excessively large board traces, and proper grounding allows for consistent manufacturing, and the shortest allowable signal path with a minimum of solder joints. Not to mention better reliability.
 - Parts quality is paramount. Even the least expensive item we make uses components made by quality manufacturers, and sourced from trustworthy major suppliers. You won't find eBay parts from suspect sellers or surplus parts in any of our gear.
 - Sound quality is the end goal. All of our designs go through the same design and test procedure. From concept to computer aided design to bench testing and measurement. And finally listening, testing and more listening. Even if it measures well, it has to sound good. If it doesn't, it is back to the drawing board.
Listening is the final test and great sound quality the bottom line.

So what would you rather own?


supratek linestage


Blackdog Linestage

$5500.00 and had issues upon delivery

$2550.00 c/w remote volume, 12V trigger output